Professor Sergiy Sitko

Physics of the Alive V.11, No1, 2003, p. 9-12


    The fragment of a phrase taken as a title and placed in inverted commas is, undoubtedly, the most frequently cited in scientific, parascientific and popular liter­ature, in TV and radio-transmissions dedicated to the applied aspects of genetics:

    cloning, organ substitution, genie therapy and engineering, etc. The tax-payers all around the world are lured into the belief that all the dreadful diseases (AIDS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's diseases, cancer, etc.) will be treated as soon as the gene is found "responsible" for... one or another disease, they are promised to cultivate geniuses, handsome men (beauties), human organs in the organism of animals and so on and so forth, and again: when the gene is found "responsible" for a certain organ, feature of intellect or morpho-anatomic peculiarity of an organism. Charmed by such promises, the tax-payers (the present or tomorrow patients) nod their approval when the state or some companies allot hundreds of millions - billions of dollars for searching something that doesn't exist and cannot exist, in principle. How can a group of molecules (even so complex as DNA) be "responsible" for some parameter of the macroscopic organism if the modern views of biological and med­ical sciences are based exclusively on chemical paradigm, when only short-range action component of electromagnetic forces is recognized as the actual one for the living matter? And what does it mean "to be responsible"? In the face of whom? Where and who teaches these molecules responsibility? In what language? Well, it is known that conceptual apparatus of the ancient oriental medicine, for example, dif­fers radically from the apparatus adopted by the modern west civilization.

    Nowadays there is no doubt about chromosome heredity theory, the same as about the fact that hereditary information is contained in genome. However, not at such a primitive level when, actually speaking, to the arbitrary linear resolution by conceptual orts of a body's anatomo-morphologic structure, the traits of its charac­ter, abilities level, resistivity to diseases are related the individual genes of genome!

    In the middle 60's of the XIX century, the fortune smiled upon Gregory Mendel attracting his attention to the choice of the peas for "the experiments over herbal hybrids", thus enabling the genius to make use of strict visual differences of the dom­inant and recessive indications in an object of investigation and to lay the base of genetics. But he hardly thought that 140 years later the men of science would make mechanical combinations in genome like children playing with bricks.

    For the past decades the fundamental sciences have radically expanded our out­look on the world. The new branches have been developed, such as quantum mechanics, electrodynamics (nonlinear and quantum inclusive), the field theory, syn­ergetics, the theory of dissipative structures, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, cyber­netics, extremely high frequencies physics and techniques. They all are based on modern mathematics, on its divisions, such as the theory of fractals, chaos, catastro­phes, nonlinear differential equations. Natural science has recognized the decisive role of the field ideas for providing the world's entirety, having confirmed "the fun­damental principles of nature" as the basis of the modern physics - the principle of the least action (Maupertuis), the principle of the shortest optical way (Fermat), the


    principle of current running over the least losses path, the principle of filling the low­est-resolution energetic states in the potential well in the microworld's quantitative description, etc. Physical vacuum, origination of the pairs "particle-antiparticle" out of it, their annihilation, virtual particles with zero and non-zero mass of rest, all this has long ago come into arsenal of the modern science. Moreover, the very existence of stable atoms finds its explanation through virtual photons-vacuum interaction and all four fundamental interactions in nature are realized by way of exchange of virtu­al particles via physical vacuum. Quantum mechanics, realizing its principles of iden­tity and discreteness, has substantiated multivaried differential stability of nature at the nuclear, atomic and molecular levels. The very existence of characteristic eigen-frequencies of specific nuclei, atoms and molecules as fundamental characteristics of these objects situated at three steps of Quantum Ladder of Nature (by Weisskopfs terminology) introduced the well-grounded definition of fundamentality into the con­ceptual apparatus of science.

    Having exhausted to the middle of the XX century their possibilities as descriptive sciences, and having made the outstanding discoveries on the microscopical level (deciphering of the gene code), biology and medicine still have not realized that for the further advances toward cognition of the nature of the Alive, it is necessary to be guided by all the achievements of modem natural science. Without comprehension of what differs the alive from the dead at the level of fundamental scientific notions, biology is doomed to be exceptionally empirical science, studying not alive but bio­logical systems. And this, you must admit, is not one and the same.

    With regard to medicine, here prevails the illusion of simplicity, based on macro­scopic dimensions of a human body and everyday experience of observation over the living nature surrounding us. And so the idea arises that for treatment of patients it will suffice to master the standard medical skills and the treatment itself does not dif­fer, in principle, from repair of a man-made articles, (a refrigerator, an automobile, TV-set, a watch, a cart, etc.). But a man and every living thing are God's creatures who, in view of the ideas of Physics of the Alive, occur around some special points of the universal coherent world structure. That is why, the mortals are not able to synthesize even the simplest unicellular organisms, to say nothing of the children grown in vitro.

    Without comprehension of the difference between the Alive and the Dead, treat­ment by standard technologies of West medicine resembles a conversation with a man in unfamiliar to him language. It is believed that the more serious is a pathology, the more drastic means should be applied to a patient. In oncology, for example, the use is made of cyclotrons, neutron generators, betatrons, even synchrophasetrons, and if they use "chemistry", they make it in such a way that the patients grow bald. And effect in this case is similar to comprehension level of a foreigner to whom you bawl in the unknown to him language...

    Illusion of simplicity of the Alive supported by the possibility to attract for expla­nation of its functioning the simplest (even domestic) mechanical analogies: levers, pumps, valves, tube (vessels) clearing, etc., excludes from the ordinary medical con­sciousness the use of the modern achievements of natural science about which some medical men are completely unaware. Hence their deep persuasion that the real is only something that can be seen by an eye directly or through microscope, i.e., a pri-


    oti the alive is placed at the complexity level lower than rather a primitive, in the end, human creations such as radio or TV sets. In scientific literature and mass media the vicious idea is cultivated that by connecting somewhere in space an ovum and spermatozoon, we'll obtain a human without participation of a coherent field of a mother and the general coherent system of the universe (God).

    At the same time, during the last 20 years the new scientific trend "Physics of the Alive" has been developing, based on definition of the alive in its distinction from the dead. The alive is determined as the fourth level of quantum organization of Nature (after nuclear, atomic and molecular). And here, self-consistent potential of each indi­vidually functioning living specimen is formed and functions in accordance with genome as a coherent eigenfield of an organism in millimeter (for vacuum) range of electro­magnetic waves.

    It is obvious that such an approach introduces biology and medicine into the domain of the fundamental sciences since it proceeds from the possibility of quan­tum mechanics application (and, respectively, its principles of identity and discreteness) to entire living macroscopic systems and not just to microscopic fragments of the alive, i.e., in essence, to biological objects. And if it is so, then the whole arse­nal of the modern fundamental physics (spectroscopy, rules of selection, character­istic eigenfrequencies, coherence length and volume, parity, spin, electrical and mag­netic moments, quasiparticles, interferential and holographic structures, active centre pumping for generation of induced transitions in multimode lasers, etc.), all this is put in possession of the scientists studying the Alive.

    For substantiation of the given statements and elaboration of the ways of their utilization for the purposes of practical medicine, on the initiative of the President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Acad. A.P. Aleksandrov and the President of the Academy of Sciences of Ukr. SSR Acad. B.E. Paton, the tens of institutes of the Soviet Union have been working since 1986 to 1991. In 1989, the basic statements of Physics of the Alive and Quantum medicine were highly estimated by International Expert Committee headed by one of the most outstanding physicists of the second half of the XX century - H. Fnihlich, who has suggested, by the way, the term "Physics of the Alive". In continuation of the work of the above-mentioned com­mittee, there were conducted the tests of the possibilities of the new medicine in pri­vate clinics of West Germany and USA where the patients related to the category of "incurable" were given medical help. In Kiev, in our Scientific Research Center of Quantum Medicine "VIDHUK", more than one and a half thousand physicians have learned quantum mechanics technologies and they have treated hundreds of thou­sands of patients with much greater efficiency than traditional ("empirical") therapy. And here, therapeutic effect is invasive, having no unfavorable side-effects, i.e. tran­sition from the metastable to the ground state of an organism is realized by a few quanta of electromagnetic radiation (~10-20W./Hz.cm2). Since 1993 we have been publishing "Physics of the Alive" journal which has been reviewed by "Chemical Abstracts" editorial board since 1999.

    However, medical-biological establishment shuts its eyes and gives no ear when we speak about physics of the alive and quantum medicine. My publications addressed to so-called "prestige" scientific editions having a vast number of readers, are rejected, as a rule, at a stage even prior to reviewing. These people are easy to


    understand: all I am writing about horrifies them, for if the ideas of physics of the alive and quantum medicine become generally excepted, then it would be necessary to make cardinal changes in the program of biological, medical, biophysical, genetic researches and speculations concerned with cloning and growing the organs out of a body cease to bring the profits as it is the case nowadays. Such situations are not a rare thing in the history of science and the best way of their solution is to wait till the moment when the persons ruling the policy in biology and medicine honourably retire for well-deserved rest or make acquaintance with achievements of modern nat­ural science. I would have never set about writing so an emotional article, if it were not for human lives and human sufferings at stake. You know, as long as scientific and political community recognizes the dead-end in the search for the genes "respon­sible" for something in the situation when a human genome only by one percent (!) differs from a genome of a mouse, and 98% of genes, according to generally accept­ed knowledge, do not work at all ("mute" or "garbage" genes), millions of people will pass away, many of them suffering violently. And most of them might be helped, if not life saved to all of them, but their sufferings alleviated (cancel narcotics, drugs, relieve pain, preserve human look), all this can be done if we speak with a body in a language immanent to the alive, not violating it by chemistry, knife or radiation.