Professor Sergiy Sitko

Physics of the Alive: Ò.13, ¹1 (2005), p.9-12



Scientific Research Centre of Quantum Medicine «Vidhuk»

    The  basis for understanding of diverse differential stability of  the surrounding world on the nuclear, atomic and molecular levels of the matter organization consists in the principles of quantum-mechanics – identity and discreteness. These principles stipulate the existence of characteristic eigenfrequencies of nuclei, atoms and molecules as fundamental electromagnetic passports of the every from variety elements which inhabit three steps of Weisskopf’s Quantum Ladder [1]. This statement could be demonstrated most obviously and convincingly on the atomic level by the existence of the Mendeleyev Table of elements. The  fundamental bricks of the atomic world-wide, by the “marvellous way”, stably site their cells in it despite of disturbant influence of the outside world.

    The core  of physics of the alive is an idea that all living objects form fourth steps of quantum ladder of Nature. It means that the stable variety of animate nature (species, genera, separate individuals) is akin to diverse differential stability of the world on nuclear, atomic and molecular levels. In other words, every free functioning living organism is the entire macroscopic quantum-mechanical system with its unique spectrum of characteristic eigenfrequencies, which  stipulates its (organism) uniqueness and stability.

    The mentioned conceptions is  based on the existence of eigen coherence field of an organism in mm-band of electromagnetic wave, its electromagnetic frame, which has been confirmed  experimentally [2], and by the “manifestation of characteristic eigenfrequencies of a human organism”, declared as an discovery in 1982 [3, 4].

    The  possibility of forming the eigen coherence field of organism in mm-band of electromagnetic wave in accordance with genome was already discussed in my works [look, for exampe, 5]. Here are the premise of it:

    1. The great electric tensity on cytoplasmic membranes (approximately 105 V/cm) which is constantly maintained by cells metabolism.

    2. The fact, that eigenfrequencies of mechanical vibrations of the living cells membranes are in the range of (1010¸1011) Hz [6].

    3. The identity of the genome of the somatic cells of concrete organism.

    However, despite the fact that the conditions of non-equilibrium phase transition to the area of laser coherence in mm-range are substantially facilitated in comparison with optical band:


    the  possibility of such a scenario is not doubtless due to the high absorption of mm-radiation in water medium of organism.

    The analysis of experimental investigations has contributed clearness in the problem.

    Rudenco’s effect [7] has not only  revealed the electromagnetic nature of chinese meridians (channels), (the very  existence of which had not been accepted by the West


medicine), but it has given a base for regarding the meridians as the orbitals of macroscopic quantum-mechanics system. The last statement is founded on the registration of spectral lines splitting in weak magnetic field (Zeeman’s quantum effect), that gives us the principal ability to derive Lunde’s multiplier.

    The possibility to regard a living organism as an entire macroscopic quantum-mechanics system is based on solution of metodological task of joining synergetic and quantum-mechanics approaches. Coherence field of organism, carrying its hereditary information, exists beyond the threshold of nonequilibrium phase transition in the same way as in a laser. However unlike a laser,  the coherent field of organism does not form and does not eject  outside the beam with small space aperture.* Instead of it due to effect of complete internal reflection of running waves, having been formed by the mechanism of spontaneous breaking of symmetry at the 14-th week of an embryo development, in the phase space (impulse-coordinate) there realizes the stable system of closed trajectories (limit cycles of Poincaré) as the solution of synergetics task in nonlinear medium. As it’s known, in the simplest case such a solution conforms to  Landau-Haken potential, which restrains the trajectory of limit cycle in three-dimensions space at the bottom of potential well, form of which in case of axial-symmetry resembles bottom of bottle [8].

    At one time I indicated [9] that the essence of quantum mechanics, connected with Schrödinger equation, is not damaged if traditional, but a little artificial quantizing through standing waves in potential well will be changed by quantizing through running waves in synergetic potential of Landau-Haken along limit cycles as Bohr’s orbitals.

    Connection of synergetics and quantum-mechanics notions was analysed in the scope of two different formalities: theory of phase transition [10] and theory of mesurement in quantum mechanics [11]. The last one permitted to approach to analysis of the evolution of macroscopic space – time structures of synergetics in physical terms of quantum mechanics, starting from the standart evolutionary equations for statistical operator, describing quantum-mechanical state of the system consisting of a micro- and macro-subsystems.

    To the same result there leads the modern fluctuation theory of phase transitions, the critical indices of which are directly connected with the quantum numbers [10].

    So, the existence of the eigen coherence field of organism not only enables  to look on organism as on entire macroscopic quantum-mechanics system [12], but the synergetically formed space structure itself (organism together with all its inside and outside peculiarities) can be described in physical terms of quantum mechanics, in other words, in the language of characteristic eigen-frequencies of organism. Just the existence of these frequencies makes every live organism unique and inimitable one. Besides, as I have emphasized more than once [13], it’s nonsense to seek the gene, responsible for such or another feature of organism: biochemical genome structure is realized in the eigen coherence field of organism and in conformity with this field (and, in the language of quantum- mechanics, in conformity with characteristic eigenfrequency) there forms and sustains the anatomic-morphological structures of organism.

*There exists once more distinction of a coherence field of organism from a laser of mm-range. Being  entire quantum-mechanics entity, an electromagnetic framework ought to have  aboundent spectrum of characteristic eigenfrequencies for describing on  the electromagnetic language all peculiarities of  the anatomic-morphological  structures of an organism.


    For medical scientists unfamiliar (owing to narrowness of their education) even with the principles of the modern natural sciences, the most convincing argument in favour of the conception could be the broad tested technologies of quantum medicine and, in the first place, the patented technologies of “Sit’ko-MRT” [5]. They  realize the resonance correction of the electromagnetic framework of human body even in the case of so called incurable diseases (oncology, arthritis, asthma and so on) using intensity of influence on biologically active points of a patient’s body commensurable with one quantum of mm-radiation, in other words, using power density in million times smaller than ones, that have been used for treatment by standard empirical medicine.

    View on the live objects as on entire macroscopic quantum-mechanics systems, which permits to convert biology and medicine into fundamental sciences, claims the drastic correction of appropriate scientific investigation.

    I guess that it would be expedient to concentrate efforts of specialists working in the area of studying of the alive, in such directions:

    1. To investigate the way of retranslation of organism genome into spectrum of characteristic eigen-frequencies of its electromagnetic framework.

    2.  To   investigate the methods of comparing of electromagnetic image of concrete anatomic-morphological structures of organism with these structures themselves in process of development of organism or its treatment with the technologies of quantum medicine, and of starting of the corresponding mechanism of feed-back.

    3. To elaborate the mathematical apparatus of theoretical physics for quantity describing of macroscopic quantum-mechanics objects, using Davidov’s light-exiton notions [14, 15].

    4. To carry on an investigation of the causes of damage and deformation of electromagnetic framework of body, that is important for prophylaxis and early diagnosis of chronical (including “incurable”) diseases.

    5. To investigate the specific of formation of coherent fields, realized the species stability.


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