Professor Sergiy Sitko

Physics of the Alive, V.14, N.2, 2006, ñ. 17-24


     My father was fanatically devoted to Science and Motherland. This is the exact word — fanatically, and just in such a succession. I tried to remember and could not recollect any the slightest long lapse of time (as if for several hours) when he would not indulge in biology: he was either reading or writing, or making the experiments. Anything else seemed not to be existing for him at all. I’ll give an example that impressed me at that time (1985) and is still impressing now.

     The last year or a year and a half of his life my father was seriously ill. However, late in summer of 1985 he was a little bit better and we had an opportunity to speak about the problems and the prospects of the new science that outlined the approaches to solution of the fundamental problems of biology and medicine from the standpoints of achievements of the modern physics and mathematics stipulated by the revolution of natural science at the last years of XX century. Experimental base for such approaches was detection of “displaying of characteristic eigen-frequencies of a human organism” claimed in 1982 as the discovery by the group of physicists of Shevchenko Kiev State University with me as chief of staff[*].

     I showed my father the new results obtained lately in medical institutions of Kiev concerned with application of the discovered phenomenon in medical practice. I also shared with him the information about Chinese scientist Tsian-Kan-Chzhen (a deserter from CPR) who worked in Khabarovsk and designed the device for studying the plants and animals morphosis induced by other species of plants and animals in a situation of selective electromagnetic screening.

     The result of these experiments seemed to contradict the ideas of the standard genetics: the rabbits were born with horns of a goat growing from a mouth, corn grew with wheat awns on a corn-cob, chickens were hatched web-footed like the ducks, etc. These results were interesting for me since they served as independent confirmation of my ideas about the nature of life, the role of coherent electromagnetic fields in securing of multivaried differential stability of the alive [1].

     I said to my father that I would like to see the device and the results received by the Chinese colleague. I agreed with him about my visit and even bought a ticket for Khabarovsk on September 26. My father approved of my decision energetically…

     But on September 24, the state of his health was drastically aggrevated and I decided to return the ticket to Khabarovsk when he suddenly came to himself for a while, called for me and said: “I’ll die tomorrow, but promise that you will not shift the date of your trip and you will fly to Khabarovsk the day after tomorrow. It is very important”.

     These were the last words of my father. On August 25 he was gone. After the funeral I went to Khabarovsk…

     Only now when preparing for publication the unpublished (or forgotten) papers of Panteleimon Onufrievich Sit’ko, I understand why for him (and not only for me) the results of independent researches of Tsian-Kan-Chzhen were of such an impor-

[*] It would be expedient to note that it was my father who urged me to study the nature of life from the positions of fundamental physics with the use of the knowledge accumulated thousands years ago by Ancient Chinese medicine. But this is the topic of another story, the history of creation of Physics of the Alive and Quantum Medicine.


     tance. It appears that fantastic, at first sight, results of the Chinese scientist approve one of the basic conclusions of my father’s scientific work of many years: connection of nucleus genome (DNA) with cytoplasm, induction, on its part, of activation of the definite genes resulting in DNA replication, RNA transcription, proteins translation in accordance with the signals coming to cytoplasm and reflecting the requirements of an organism. Existence of direct and feedback connection in a circuit “nuclear genome – cytoplasm – environment” creates the unique possibility, on the one hand, to protect DNA as a hereditary information carrier from the influence of the world around but, on the other hand, it allows an organism to adapt to the environmental conditions. Such a connection was called by my father as “cybernetic”…

     Late in June of 1941. “Kiev was bombed…” – beginning of the War. Then I was 5 years old kid, and it is quite natural that my recollections about that time are very fragmentary and are mixed with the stories told by the adults. However, I remember clearly the tears of my mother in response to inconvincible decision of my father” to stand for the defence of Motherland” in a situation when he had not any military training at all and he had a reserved quota to stay away from mobilization as a head of the chair of genetics in a city University and was preparing to defend thesis for a Doctor’s degree which would have taken place in some weeks term. (Without any reproach at his colleagues, I may say that no one except him refused from the quota, all of them went to evacuation and after the war returned to Kiev as doctors of science and even academicians).

     My father considered himself (and not without reason) to be indebted to his Motherland in particular to the soviet power for the possibility to get education and become a scientist. His family was of a peasant origin but rather strong and wealthy: the father was born in Ksaverovka a large and well-known village (55 km from Kiev along Odessa route). At the local cemetery, a half of all the graves is marked with our surname. Ksaverovka is known not only by the fact that in Khrushchev time there were constructed some examplary buildings for collective-farm future life which were demonstrated to foreigners, and also by the fact that in the civil war there existed the independent “Ksaverovskaya Republic” during several years (!).

     Panteleimon Sit’ko (Talemon as his mother called him, Tonic as his wife called him, Pan’ko as his friends called him) was born on August 9 ( of 1906, i.e., in the day of Saint Panteleimon and was named after him (as it was usually accepted at that time). In his childhood he showed so wonderful craving for knowledge that his parents (he was the youngest in the family) made a decision to decrease the standard peasant burden for him and give him the possibility to study. As the best top class pupil at school he was recommended and admitted to Belotserkovskij agricultural technical school (90 km from Kiev), and later on, in a team of 5% of the best graduating students he was recommended for IPE (Institute of people’s education) at T.G. Shevchenko Kiev State University. The outstanding biologist of that time Academician Ivan Ivanovich Shmalgausen noticed Panteleimon Sit’ko at the first course of biological faculty and involved him in scientific work…

     I’ll not enumerate the landmarks of my father’s life in science. It was professionally written in the article of Berdishev G.D., Golda D.M., Topchij N.N., published in this jubilee issue of “Physics of the Alive” journal. But one characteristic trait I should like to note.


     By the time that father volunteered to the front he has already been the world-wide known scientist: when sorting his archives in preparation for the present issue I came across a reprint of a paper by an American scientist who worked in the genetics department of Washington Carnegie Institute, published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences of USA in 1939 with a reference to my father’s paper of 1938 and recognition of his priority in the radiation genetics problem being discussed by the author.

     Determination of Panteleimon Onufrievich to defend Motherland was not shaken even by the grotesque procedure of his enlisting to the army:

     Recruiting officer: Who are you?

     Father: Genetics scientist.

     Recruiting officer: What?

     Father: Well, genetics scientist, biologist.

     Recruiting officer: What?

     Father: Well, biologist, zoologist.

     Recruiting officer: Oh I see, the animals. To horses.

     And father was enlisted as a groom in the artillery detachment…

    The readers, perhaps, know that I am a physicist and I has never been engaged in classic genetics professionally though I 've read a lot of books in this domain. And when I got an idea to publish the jubilee issue of ''Physics of the Alive'' dedicated to centenary of Panteleimon Onufrievich birthday with his unpublished ideas (or forgotten, because 30-40 years ago these ideas were not demanded by the world science) I planned to entrust Prof. Valerij Gaevich Shakhbazov (the former post-graduate student of my father) with editing of this issue. Prof. Shakhbazov was corresponding member of National Academy of sciences of Ukraine and for the last ten years he has been actively cooperating with us on "Vidhuk" program. He was not only highly professional genetics scientist, but also he was well acquainted will the ideas of physics of the alive and quantum medicine. Valerij Gaevich gave his consent to help me and even edited half of the material. But his tragical decease complicated the work over the manuscripts. I had to edit the issue myself and so I ask the specialists in genetics in advance to forgive me for the blunders that may occur due to inadequate deciphering of the texts. However, I express hope that these blemishes will not distort the outlook of my father as to the ways of genetics development, the more so that the basic ideas are repeated in different paragraphs and in different manuscripts written by him.

                And at last.

                The texts set forth below are the fragments of several books and monographs conceived by my father. In some of them the initial pages are missing, in the others – the concluding pages, in some of them the middle part is omitted. Nevertheless, the ideas stated in them are comprehensible. They were tens years ahead of the time and just now they become extremely valuably in the light of the ideas of physics of the alive about existence of coherent eigen-field of an organism in mm-range of electromagnetic waves – electromagnetic framework, - through which a genome is realized and which provides the closing of feedback in the chain genome - cytoplasm – environment (electromagnetic framework) that is what my father called cybernetic connection.


                The idea of feedback availability in a chain of implementation of hereditary information is extremely productive for classic genetics as well as for physics of the alive. In essence, this idea unites and mutually supplements the mentioned two approaches to explanation of the heredity mechanism.

                And really so. The classic genetics has attained the impressive success in deciphering of nuclear genomes. In other words, we have learned how the simplest protein and complex compounds are synthesized. But this doesn¢t mean that with this knowledge we achieved a great progress in the problem of genome realization at the level of the entire organism, in description of its anatomic-morphological structures, the more so, their functioning. Such a helplessness of genetics is revealed by the fact that not only in scientific-popular but also in purely scientific literature there occurs the expression "a gene responsible for this or that" which carries no constructive meaning because it is well known that short-acting chemical DNA bonds at any combination cannot "be responsible" for macroscopic peculiarities of the organs and structures of an organism, the more so, to be responsible for a talent, inclinations of a person, etc.

                The second dead-end of the standard genetics being developed nowadays is an opinion that about 98% of genes of a genome are never used by an organism. Formerly certain doubts concerning this theme have occurred to the scientists studying genetics and these genes were called "mutal", and now the firm belief appeared  that they were useless for an organism and the term  was made more strict. The genes were called ‘garbage’.

                The demonstrated paradoxes of the modern genetics are stipulated by the absence of the notions concerning a feedback between a nuclear genome and anatomic-morphological structure of an organism. The signals about the state of the latter should induce triggering of biochemical heredity mechanisms for cell-division and protein building up, and not only the definite cells and definite proteins but also in those places where needed and as long as needed for supporting and preserving of the normal structures of an organism and providing of the modes of its functioning.

     In many quotations father underlines the role of cytoplasm in realization of a mechanism of biochemical heredity. In a feedback circuit it serves as a buffer separating the gene-chromosome structure of a nucleus from the environment: apart from nutrition only signals-inductors are coming from cytoplasm to a nucleus, triggering the mechanism of replication, transcription and translation of some definite genes providing for the increased necessity of an organism in particular types of cells and proteins. All RNA types (i, t, r), having fulfilled their function on accumulation of the definite proteins or protein compounds on ribosomes, are dissolved there and do not get back to a nucleus.

     In the papers dedicated to heterosis, father points out that it is just cytoplasm of an ovum which creates asymmetry of contribution to posterity in case of sexual reproduction mechanism, since a zygote nucleus is formed as a diploid structure with equal in rights contribution of haploid sets of chromosomes of a male and female, but cytoplasm of a zygote is cytoplasm of an ovum as far as a spermatozoon has no cytoplasm of its own.

     There seems to be of importance those aspects of father’s notions where it says that spermatozoa that have not furtilized an ovum, i.e. have not got into its nucleus, are dissolved in cytoplasm and further on, their fragments may cause influence on formation of inductor signals initiating transcription of these or that



     i-RNA in a genome of a zygote formed from fertilization of an ovum by a spermatozoon of some other male. Perhaps, not in vain the aristocrats feeling concern about hereditary “purity of blood” intuitively preferred to marry virgins. Naturally, the occurrence of phenomes with the features not characteristic for their parents (different colour of skin, for example) is only possible in a situation when there is a vast choice of genes in diploid zygote genome partaking in the specific character formation. These characters are not inherited.

     In the suggested by my father “cybernetic” feedback chain of the hereditary information implementation: genome – cytoplasm – environment — all attention, in essence, is paid to the first two links and almost nothing is said about the environment apart from the fact that it is forming the signals about an organism’s requirements for its existence and functioning.

     I think that father didn’t want to speculate on this question since intuitively he felt that information about the whole organism as well as about qualitative and quantitative vital requirements of each point of a body could not be transferred by chemical signals that would correspond to the ideas of the chemical paradigm that prevailed at that time. This paradigm would not be able to operate because of short-acting character of chemical forces as well as because of insufficient space-energy resulution of chemical signals if we suppose that they had been used by nature for information transfer concerning the most subtle peculiarities of anatomic-morphological construction of a body and the modes of its functioning.

     The missing link in the chain of hereditary feedback is filled by physics of the alive by way of the notions about electromagnetic framework of a human being, i.e. about his coherent eigen-field in mm-range of electromagnetic waves [2]. This field arises due to electromagnetic activity of each cell of a body, but having been formed, it coordinates, synchronizes and directs the functioning of all structures, all organs of a human in a mother’s womb and after birth during the whole life. And as far as a genome of all somatic cells of the given body is the same, so just through setting and functioning of this coherent field, this electromagnetic framework, the genome is realized. The standard mechanisms of biochemical heredity — DNA replication, RNA transcription, proteins translation, i.e. cell division and proteins formation — come into action only when the necessity occurs: in case of an organism’s development or elimination of injuries caused by the outer world. And they are involved just at the spot where there arises discrepancy between electromagnetic model of this or that structures, or this or that organ and its anatomic-morphological realization at the cellular level. And these standard mechanisms of biochemical heredity are working till the moment when the correspondence between electromagnetic model of anatomic-morphologic structure and its realization on biological level would be restored.

     Within the framework of the ideas of physics of the alive, on the fourteenth week of embrional development due to the mechanism of spontaneous symmetry violation there arises coherent eigen-field of a fetus in mm-range of wave length (electromagnetic framework) with its attributes: a system of dynamic waveguides (meridians) and a system of checking points on the surface of a body (biologically active points — acupuncture points). This is visually manifested by appearance of the peculiar interferential drawings (papillar patterns) on the finger pads of legs and hands, representing the mechanism of the meridians formation in the process of reflecting the running electromagnetic waves from the internal nails surface.


     (To avoid certain misunderstanding concerned with the wave lengths, it should be noted that speaking about mm-range coherent eigen-field we mean the wave lengths (5÷6)mm in vacuum; in aqueous medium of a human body within this range (50÷60) GHz — ε ≈ 30,  n = √ε ≈ 5.5,   and, respectively, the wave length makes about 1 mm (λbody = λ/n), and a distance between the maxima in interferential picture with accuracy up to correction for a screen curvature (finger pads) is equal to  λbody/2 = 0.5 mm that corresponds to what a reader can see by having a glance at the pads of his fingers).

     In this way, a nuclear genome performs two functions in an organism. The first, generally known, is connected with local cells division and producing of the necessary, for a particular situation, proteins and protein compounds by the scheme: DNA replication – RNA transcription – proteins translation in accordance with the signals coming through cytoplasm from “the environment” (electromagnetic framework) in case of lack of correspondence between electromagnetic model of this or that anatomic-morphological structure of a body and its biochemical realization.

     The second, not less important function of a genome is construction of electromagnetic frame, a coherent eigen-field of an organism in mm-range of electromagnetic waves. As it was already mentioned, a genome as a chemical structure cannot be directly realized in macroscopic forms of an organism, i.e. morphogenesis is realized by way of formation and functioning of an organism’s coherent eigen-field which fulfils the function of “the environment” for DNA (in terminology of Panteleimon Onufrievich).

     Specificity of genre of reminiscences about father-scientist of genetics allows to suggest that they may be read not only by the specialists in the domain of fundamental physics and so some explanations won’t be excessive.

     Thus, first of all, what is the difference between coherent and incoherent fields. The typical source of incoherent radiation is an electric incandescent lamp. Here, the elementary electromagnetic field carriers (in the given case, of the usual visible light) i.e. quanta (photons) are emitted by the atoms independently of each other (in a spontaneous way) in space and time. This results in a phenomenon known as light dissipation when moving away from the source (a lamp, for example) we’ll observe attenuation of its brightness, since still lesser part of photons reaches an eye. The situation may be somewhat improved, but not radically when using the beam focusing. For example, such a powerful source of incoherent radiation as a military searchlight at the distance (1-2) km ensures the focused illumination of a target. However, at the distance of nearly twenty kilometers, the searchlight beam focusing completely disappears and it illuminates already the whole half-space.

     At the same time, as it has turned out, it is possible to create artificially such working conditions of a radiation sourse proper, that the definite part of atoms will emit photon (quanta, in the general case) synchronously, or, so to say, coherently in space and time, forming the so-called induced radiation. Since all these atoms behave absolutelly in the same way, so there is no necessity to consider their behaviour separately. It can be considered that one gigantic atom emanates one gigantic photon the intensity of which is equal to the sum of intensities of all photons of the source. But such a photon flying in one direction should not have been dissipated.

     This is a very strong statement and for its verification, in 1963 when the first sources of coherent radiation — the first lasers, were constructed, the beam was direct-


ed to the Moon, i.e. to the distance of 400000 km. Having reached the Moon it expanded for only some tens of meters (!).

     Existence of mm-range coherent eigen-field signifies that any living organism constitutes, in essence, a natural mm-range laser. But the coherence force that can be valued as a relative degree of a coherent beam focusing in ratio to incoherent one (400000 km to 20 km), the living spends not on radiation but on a feedback, stabilizing the coherent field itself. That is why the living is so stable: there exist species, kins, individuals, called by me as diverse differential stability of the alive.

     As it was noted in my papers [1-3], the following peculiarities in formation of coherent eigen-field of an organism draw our attention:

     1. here the active centers are not atoms or molecules but the cells or, to be more exact, the cell’s membranes. Let us remind that due to proton and ion transport the cell’s metabolism ensures maintenance of high electric field intensity on these membranes (~105 V/cm), and their oscillation eigen-modes, as Fröhlich has shown [4], lie within millimeter range (~1010-1011 Hz);

     2. for mm-range and common temperature of a body hv proves to be much less than KT and so the probability of the induced radiation is much higher than that of spontaneous one:



     and this facilitates generation of quantum radiation in an organism on condition of permanent pumping i.e., in the given case, on condition of maintaining the high field density on a membrane;

     3. the problem of  laser generation was the first task solved by Haken [5] (the founder of  synergetics) to demonstrate the possibility of  the universal self-organization theory. In the open non-linear systems there are formed the stable structures in the states far from thermal equilibrium. In phase space, around some peculiar points the cyclic stable solutions occur named as the limit cycles of Poincaré, to which there correspond the potential wells of the type “a bottle bottom” called as self-consistent Landau-Haken potentials. The existence of such potential embracing macroscopic spatially dispersed organism’s structures transforms an organism into the entire macroscopic quantum-mechanical object [6] i.e. the subject of study of the fundamental science called the quantum physics of the alive;

     4. in order to be a retranslator of the gene information, coherent eigen-field of a body should have multifrequency (maybe, multimode) filling, that in quantum-mechanical language is equivalent to existence of characteristic eigenfrequencies of an organism. Revealing of their display was the essence of the discovery made by Ukrainian physicists in 1982 [7].

     Characteristic eigenfrequencies serve as the universal passport of nuclei, atoms and molecules occupying the respective three steps of the Weisskopf quantum ladder. These frequencies are the quantitative reflection of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics: identity and discreteness providing fundamentality of exactly nuclear, atomic and molecular physics. Existence of characteristic eigenfrequences of a human organism points to the fact that the living represents the fourth level of quantum organization of nature and also that these frequencies are the universal passport of the living, i.e. the representation of a genome in the language of electromagnetic transitions.


     In other words, a genome, directly forms only the protein structure of a body; morphogenesis and formative ability are realized by way of creation of electromagnetic framework, coherent eigen-field of an organism, its electromagnetic model. There is no such a gene and it can’t be, in principle, which is responsible for the form of a nose, colour of eyes, length of legs, physical force, musical hearing, faculties for science, this or that character.

     The genome as a whole is responsible for all the above-mentioned by way of formation of the definite lines or bands in spectra of characteristic eigenfrequencies.

     The cell as an active center of mm-range coherent field of an organism with respect to genome retranslation into the language of electromagnetic transitions with formation of characteristic eigenfrequencies has not yet been studied up to now. And this problem should become a subject of study of a wide circle of specialists.

     In conclusion, I should like to draw the readers’ attention to one more layer of father’s scientific heritage. That is what is called “polygenomity of heredity” in his papers.

     The fact is that the modern genetics (consciously or unconsciously) pretends that heredity is connected exclusively with nuclear DNA. But in reality, it is quite not so. For maintaining of life and adequate functioning of a cell’s hereditary apparatus, there must exist a great number of other genomes, the scientific study of which is now substituted by description of observations of their manifestation. Among them there are included: a genome of a mechanism of a cell division, and genome of aminoacids and proteins collection, and genome of formation and functioning of mitochondria and genome of membrane formation and multicellular structure genome, etc… All this gives us evidence that genetics as a science about heredity in a broad sense is only at the initial stage of its formation. I am pleased to recognize that my father Panteleimon Onufrievich Sit’ko has indicated the landmarks of this formation some tens years ago.

     I hope that the progress of the modern natural science finding its expression in formation of physics of the alive and quantum medicine will give an impact to apprehension of the heritage of Professor Panteleimon Onufrievich Sit’ko by the world scientific society.


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