Sergiy Sitko


The Relict Cosmic Radiation in the Notions of Quantum Physics of the Alive

Abstract: At least now there is no relict cosmic radiation of mm-range arriving from the Cosmos and passing through the atmosphere due to mythical windows of transparency in it. The intense background of mm-radiation, which is recorded near the surface of the Earth and in the bottom layers of atmosphere, demonstrates the existence of common coherency which is called the Life.

In 1994 in the Ukrainian Physical Journal me together with Academician M.P.Lisiza published article under the title Once more mystery of the relict radiation? [1]. There was energy of relict radiation, which is many ages coming from the cosmos and approaching the surface of the Earth. The point is that this radiation has a maximum of its energy spectrum in area of (50-70) GHz i.e. in the range of characteristic eigenfrequencies of human body [2]. The paradox was that in this, mm-range of electromagnetic waves occurs their decreasing in the water 1mm layer of it decreases intensity in thousand times and from the standard point of view its impossible for such radiation to pass through atmosphere. But according to the literature data [3]? the cosmic background near the surface of the Earth mainly consists of relict radiation: its magnitude on orders greater than any other. For explanation of this phenomenon it was even be admitted the existence in atmosphere a certain windows of transparency just for relict radiation

Moreover, by studying the cosmic radiation, E.Conclin [4] had come to the conclusion that Galactic, practically, is in calmness in the coordinate system, connected with relict radiation. In the same way as the Earth atmosphere which is not broken off with the moving of our planet around its axis and around Sun.

Frequency Range

Density of Radiation


Density of Photon Number per


Long-range radio radiation



Relict radio radiation



Infrared radiation



Optical range



Soft x-rays

(ɛ1 KeV)


10-4 10-5


3(10-7 10-8)

Hard x-rays

(ɛ 1 KeV)





Soft ɣ-radiation

(ɛ 1 6 MeV)





Hard ɣ-radiation






Table of Density of Energy of Radiation and Photon Number of Cosmic Background Radiation in Different Ranges [3].

My, more than 30 years experience [5] in developing and using of quantum medicine technologies for helping to so called incurable patients in many countries of the world permit me to conclusion that just the millimeter range, so called relict radiation, is the radiation of the Life. It need not pass through the atmosphere, because it exists around the Earth, under the cover of atmosphere. Everyone, living on the Earth on the ground, in water and in the air absorb and eradiate their eigenfrequencies, creating in such a way the dynamical stability of the Alive. [6]

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6.  Quantum Physics of the Alive is the theoretical base of Quantum Medicine, which efficiency has been testified by Academician Yu.V.Gulyaev, that in particular found expression in publishing on the pages of his journal my article Life as the forth level of quantum organization of nature // Biomedical Technologies and Radioelectronics. N.1, 2007, p. 39-50.