Professor Sergiy Sitko

International award of Serbia to professor Sergiy Sitko.

November 6, 2013 a notable event took place in the capital of Serbia Belgrade the award of "Brothers Karic foundation" was presented to professor Sergiy Sitko, for his scientific achievements. This prestige award is expression of recognition of Physics of the Alive and quantum medicine, which he founded, in Europe and in the whole world.

This award is not first one, marked our prominent compatriot abroad. Patents on his methods of treatment were registered, beyond Ukraine, in Russia, USA and China. In 1990 professor Sitko was awarded with Large Gold Cross of the Belgian kingdom and title of Chevalier of the Belgian kingdom for his scientific inventions.

Karic family is known on territory of former Yugoslavia from old times. At least from middle of XVIIIth century Karices, among them there were officers, teachers, priests, scientists, begin to carry on business activity. They did not forget about charity also. In 1979 family of Karices founded in their native city Pech (sv) the Social Council that had to help their workers and fellow-citizens, regardless of ethnic origin and faith.

Charity Fund of Karices was founded in 1992th in Belgrade (Serbia, former Yugoslavia) by the company of Brothers of Karices for the sake of maintenance of national cultural heritage, assistance to development of science, art, sports, spiritual and material progress. The award of Fund Karices is presented from 1998th regularly. It has five nominations: for an achievement in culture and art; for scientific research activity; for journalism and publishing activity; for an achievement in national economy; for humanitarian activity for peace, collaboration and friendship between people. In different years such known personalities became its laureates in Serbia and in the world, as patriarch Serbian Pavlo, patriarch Moscow Oleksij, film directors Nykyta Mihalkov and Emir Kusturiza, academicians Gores Alferov and Yevhen Primakov, tennis player Jokovich, Martin Luter King , actor Goyko Mytych, journalist Jean Crisrof Buisson and many others.

This year, except professor Sitko, the honoured rewards got: in "Culture and art" Vladko Stefanosky, for popularization of Balkan music in a region and world; in "Journalism, fiction and publishing activity" Zefirino Grassi, the editor-in-chief of magazine "the Political Zabavnik" and general manager of newspaper "Politics"; "for an achievement in national economy" vinary of Zvonko Bohdan; in "charity activity" - to Oleksandr Torshin, vice-chairman of Council of Federation of Russia, president of Charity Fund of "Saint Sava Sanctified"; in of "humanitarian activity for peace, collaboration and friendship between people" - to the supreme rabbi of Serbia Isaak Asiel; in activity of "Maintenance of traditions and historical heritage of the Serbian people" to George Michaylovich, that already many years is the inherited guard of the Serbian military cemetery in city of Salonique (Greece).

Belgrade met us, Ukrainians, that accompanied professor Sitko, with a warm sunny weather, not like autumn, and with hot Serbian hospitality of family of Karices. Ceremony of awarding , that took place in the hall of the Folk opera theater, passed in the atmosphere of friendly informal communication. The representatives of cultural, diplomatic and political elite of Serbia participated in the ceremony. Between presenting of awards and speeches of laureates the Serbian artists performed interesting musical items. It was very touched, when choir began to sing the Ukrainian folk song.

In his speech after rewarding professor Sitko sincerely thanked to Fund of Karices and his chairman, mrs. Milanka ric, for recognition of his achievements, for that first time this honoured award was got by the citizen of Ukraine. He expounded a hope also, that this event will assist strengthening of friendship between the peoples of Serbia and Ukraine, to further development of medicine of the third millennium on territory of the Serbian state, to confession of physics living in the whole world.

History of collaboration of professor Sitko with the countries of former Yugoslavia counts almost 20 years. Last ten years the school of quantum medicine works in Belgrade that teaches the Serbian doctors ("International association of advancement and development of quantum medicine") under the direction of doctor of medicine Slavica rjelovich and with support by Academy of medical sciences of Serbia.

On the photos: awarding procedure, the laureate is welcomed by teachers and listeners of school of quantum medicine, by ambassadors of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in Serbia.

Awarding procedure. Video